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Why another anime site? There are so many already... why should anyone visit Otaku@42 instead of other bigger more established anime digital destinations?

As an obsessive otaku, I am compelled to research and document the anime that interests me the most, but what a waste it would be to do all the researching and writing and have no one else read it! Not that I expect many people will find -- much less bookmark and revisit -- this little tribute to anime of mine. However, if I publish and share what I write about anime, then makes my time feel like less of a waste of time. Maybe only slightly less, but less nevertheless! You know? :) So that's one reason (and yes, it is a selfish one) for this anime site : to help me feel less guilty about the amount of time I spend watching, shopping for, and reading about anime! On a more serious note, I think everyone enjoys sharing information on topics that excite and interest them, and that is exactly what I intend to do here: share. And maybe even meet a few others.

The second reason for this website has to do with the depth and breadth of the planned coverage. While this will probably never be a mega-anime site, it really will have an impressive volume of high-quality content about the relatively few titles I feature here. And that is exactly what the goal of this site is: to provide a plethora of information about a few anime titles.

I believe this site will prove to be interesting, enjoyable, and perhaps even useful to at least a few older people like me who are new to anime. But I think it will be especially interesting to those who get into one or more of the same anime series I will be featuring on this site.

I am not a very patient otaku; I did NOT want to wait to publish this site until such time as it might be substantially complete, for there's no telling when that would be. I decided to go ahead and make the pages available as I am working on them.

I will not actively solicit visitors to this site, though, until it is much farther along.

About the 42 Year-Old Otaku

Addicted to Anime

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This is a list of anime I have watched and enjoyed so far, and that I would actually recommend to others with tastes similar to my own.

Most, but not all, of the anime listed here is largely free of the cutesy look and/or Shounen/Shonen material and behavior -- or at least, these titles don't focus on the cutesy characters or aspects too much. Most of the anime here could fall into the target demographic category of Seinen: anime for adult males. (NOTE: I am NOT talking adult as in hentai or porn here.)

Recommended Anime Series

  • Basilisk
  • Afro Samurai
  • Area 88
  • Beck
  • Berserk
  • Black Jack
  • Black Lagoon
  • Blood the Last Vampire
  • Boogiepop Phantom
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Elfen Lied
  • Ergo Proxy
  • Gantz
  • Gankutsuo: Count of Monte Cristo
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Gilgamesh
  • Gungrave
  • Gunslinger Girl
  • Haibane Renmei
  • Hell Girl
  • Infinite Ryvius
  • Key the Metal Idol
  • Kino's Journey
  • Kurau Phantom Memory
  • Last Exile
  • Le Chevalier D'Eon
  • L/R (Licensed By Royalty)
  • Lunar Legend Tsukihime
  • Madlax
  • Mushi-shi
  • Ninja Scroll Series
  • Noein, To Your Other Self
  • Noir
  • Now and Then, Here and There
  • Otogi Zoshi
  • Paranoia Agent
  • Planetes
  • Pumpkin Scissors
  • Read or Die (TV)
  • Red Garden
  • Requiem from the Darkness
  • Salaryman Kintaro
  • Samurai 7
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Serial Experiments Lain
  • Shadow Star Narutaru
  • Speed Grapher
  • Tactics
  • Texhnolyze
  • Tokko
  • Twelve Kingdoms
  • Vampire D: Bloodlust
  • Vampire Princess Miyu (TV)
  • Witchblade
  • Witch Hunter Robin
  • Wolf's Rain
  • Yakikuze
  • Yugo the Negotiator

Featured Anime