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By featured anime, I am talking about anime that I have a truly deep appreciation for. I am speaking here of anime titles with which I become sufficiently enthralled to collect the entire series, spend hours watching it, reading about it, poring over reviews about it, researching it, compiling information about it, and finally, investing even more time, energy, and work to create a website about it and then write original web content for it.

As such, this list of featured anime is not a long one. I believe you will understand why after I get more content published, for I'll be going into great detail on these featured anime titles.

About my Top Shelf Anime List

If you are already experienced, then you might notice something about the above list of featured anime: none are new anime titles. Well, there's a good reason for that. I have forced myself to stick to less expensive titles for now.

Almost always, anime that has aired in the last one to three years is still quite expensive. Such recent anime -- especially when the anime has received good reviews and/or is popular -- is almost impossible to find for less than $10 or $15 per DVD.

For various reasons I wil not get into right now, I do not enjoy downloading and watching anime (or other shows or movies) on my computer. Therefore, so far at least, I have stuck to anime that has been around a few years. It is relatively easy to find and it's not too hard on the pocketbook. There's plenty of seasoned anime out there, so I have not had any shortage of anime to enjoy despite what may seem like a stifling limitation to some of you.

The way I research my interests is typically very time consuming. Of course, it is also exceedingly enjoyable to me; otherwise, I wouldn't make the effort or invest the necessary time and resources.

So yes, the list of featured anime is rather short at present; however, it will grow over time to eventually encompass a decent number of anime titles, assuming I stay interested in it. One thing is certain: my otaku-hood sure as hell shows no signs of abating so far!

I hope you enjoy this half as much as I do. Thanks for checking it out.